go Into 2020 with 20/20 Vision

It’s that time of year again.

The time that the winners and top-performers begin to think about their accomplishments, areas of improvement, and future aspirations.

For business owners, this is a very crucial time of year as well. It is so important, that often there is little time for strategic development for the upcoming new year.

The top performers do it, and so can you.

In July, we wrote a blog about how to win the Marketing game in 2019.

As we look toward 2020, the same question has stayed with us. We want to share what is coming so that you know exactly how to win!

Specifically, we are going to talk to about the 6 Key Digital Marketing Pillars and how you can leverage them effectively to establish a strong presence online.

But first…

What Is Your Marketing Plan?    

This may seem like a simple exercise – because it is. If you already have a documented Marketing strategy, take it out right now and identify some key points. If you do not have one yet, click here.

As an example, consider checking for:

  • Website traffic – bounce rate, click-through rate, session time, etc.
  • CPA (cost per acquisition) for new customers – how much is it costing you to take someone from stranger all the way to customer*?
  • LCV (life-time customer value) – what is your average customer/client actually worth?

*There is actually one more step in your customer/client’s journey that many businesses neglect, and that is advocacy (more on that later).

Where Are Your Listings?   

Now more than ever, your business needs every piece of exposure it can get.

We are living in the era of social media.

That means shorter attention spans, the need for instant gratification, and cancel culture running rampant.

With the landscape changing so often, you need to be sure to make your presence spread across multiple digital channels.

Relying on your follower base on a given social platform can be very dangerous.

Just ask the companies that have had their accounts hacked, or removed. Having to rebuild your following from nothing can be frustrating, and is completely avoidable if you take the right steps.

Did you know that there are over 70 websites that you can list your business on? What’s better, most of those sites have Free Memberships.

If you take advantage of just half of those opportunities you will already be ahead of those companies that have not yet caught on to the power of multi-channel flows of exposure!


We mentioned advocacy before, and it can be the difference between being a million-dollar company and a multi-million-dollar empire!

Advocacy is defined as public support for or recommendation of a given cause.

The end-goal for your product or service should always be aligned with the interests of your customer/client base. If you are able to provide quality to your base, they will become your staunch supporters as well as recommending your company to their family and peers.

The absolute most effective way to bring your CPA (cost per acquisition) down is by leveraging your happy customers to provide testimonials and/or referrals. This method of lead-generation is faster than cold calling, email marketing, and even conventional marketing practices!

Social proof is powerful, do not neglect it!

Social Media

Today the term “social media” refers to a web of different platforms that all focus on one thing – the user’s experience, interaction, and engagement while navigating through their feed.

Not all social channels are created equal, your industry may thrive on one or two while another completely unrelated one may need to have a presence across more than 3.

Wondering which channels are suitable for your industry?

Address this question first: Who is your audience (age, gender, location, interests, needs, hobbies, dreams, challenges, etc.)?

Got your answer? Great!

Now use this chart out to see which platforms will be best for your needs:

Remember, it is okay if there is only one platform that suits your needs. This can be your secret weapon because specificity and hyper-focus in Marketing are components of a very successful campaign.

Still need some help? Click here!

Review Your Website

Your website truly is the foundation of your digital presence. It houses your media, policies, company information, testimonials, and much more (at least the goods ones do).

If your website was made more than 5 years ago, it’s time to look at it again to make sure that it is mobilized optimized and responsive, among other things.

There are two digital assets that you have (as long as the Internet is operational) that not many events or “terms and conditions” changes will be able to interrupt.

Your website is one of them – can you guess what the other one is?

Text “*your answer* 2020 VISION” to 305-557-4443 for a chance to win a Free Website!

Advertise, Advertise, Advertise

Whether it is your first year in business or your 100th, you know how much opportunity the 4th Quarter holds! The top 3 biggest US holidays take place in this 3-month period as well as consumers looking to reinvent themselves for the new year. Consumer-driven markets as well as B2B thrive in this quarter.

If you are on the fence on advertising, now is the time to allocate some funds for split tests and data farming.

There are many benefits to advertising other than potentially attaining new clients (although that is usually the main goal).

Here are a few:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Increase follower base
  • Gather useful data for retargeting

Make the plans now and start a strong push into 2020 or get left behind in the dust!


For those companies that stay loyal and trust the process of search engine optimization, it certainly is worth the time and effort!

With Google Adwords and social media advertising operating at full height it is understandable to see SEO as a waste of valuable resources. Why spend thousands of hours and dollars trying to get to the top of a search result page when your competitor just paid their way above you for a fraction of the cost?

The game is not to rank #1 in every keyword(s) related to your industry by scratching and clawing your way to the top – but you should definitely fight for top results for a select amount. For the rest, by all means pay your way to the top!

Now What?

Every day that passes, 2020 comes closer and closer. We take that and use it push harder and faster than ever!

We want to make an impact in 2020 and if you want to be a part of that journey, we would be happy to have you join us.

As a show of good faith, we want to offer you a free Digital Report Card that actually scores your company with respect to its competitors on all 6 of the metrics we just broke down for you. This report is valued at $97 but we want to give it to you for absolutely no charge, and no obligation!

To know where you are going, you have to know where you are.

Until Next Time, Stay Cool!

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