2020 RoundUp

Despite all of the madness, tragedies, and changes 2020 brought we are very optimistic about 2021. We want to cover some of the latest news that will directly affect how you market your business in the New Year. This will also kick off our monthly series – “Everything You Need To Know” where we will break down the news of the past month. 

Pop open the bottles of champagne, open the gift of 2020 finally being over, and take in these updates to hit the ground running in 2021!

WhatsApp Introduces Carts

You read that right, WhatsApp is getting in on the ecommerce action. This update is set for a holiday season release (three guesses why) and is opening up an avenue for its 2 Billion – strong user base to shop as well as chat. 

There is one thing that may limit its success in the short-run though. As of today, when a user places an order through WhatsApp, it is largely left to both the user and the business to determine how money will be exchanged. Regardless, if you are in ecommerce you should be paying very close attention to this as it develops.

Twitter Fatigue

Users across the globe are complaining about an over-abundance of Promoted Tweets on their feed. As a result, users have resorted to muting those ad accounts as they come up on their timeline. TechCrunch reports that Twitter is intentionally doing this to make use of the surplus ad inventory at year end. 

How does this impact your business? Well, if users on a platform are muting promoted tweets and yours is one of them, then you lose that audience member and are potentially increasing your CPI (cost per impression).

Google Rolls Out New Cloud Storage Restrictions

Effective June 1, 2021, all files across Google’s services under the same account will begin to take up allotted storage space. These changes will apply to users across all devices, but there are some exceptions to this rule:

  • Photos and files created/uploaded before June 1, 2021 will not take up data storage
  • Photos taken with a Pixel phone and uploaded in “high” quality will not be included in your cloud storage limit

New App Simulates Social Influencer Status

The new app, Hype Simulator presents its users with the ultimate instant gratification – upon creation of an account, new follower notifications and messages come in. These are not real people of course, but the fact that this app hit the #1 spot on the US App Store shows that social media users are as hooked as ever on “making it” online – even if it lasts about half as long as a lunch break.

Hum the Tune

This one is the one we have all been waiting for, but nobody was actually asking for. Google launched a feature last month that will allow users to hum a tune in order to search for a song on their mind. That’s right, just hum along and Google will work its magic to present you with the correct tune. You can also use Google Assistant by saying “Hey Google, what’s this song?” then humming the song.

US v. Facebook

Early in December, Facebook was slammed with two antitrust lawsuits. Facebook’s other assets, Whatsapp and Instagram are also under the scope here. This is the result of ongoing investigations by Congress, public outcry accusing the tech giant of allowing for the spread of misinformation, hate speech, and suppression. It’s clear that what these lawsuits represent is that the US government is changing its approach towards Facebook’s operations.

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