2021 Digital Marketing Survival Guide

As we move through 2021, the effects of the past year will continue to shape how we interact with our audience online. If 2020 was the year to “#GoDigital”, 2021 is definitely the year to WIN digital. Here are our top picks for trends and updates to keep an eye on in order for you to grow and nurture your audience!

Featured Snippets

There was a time where getting your website’s page(s) to the top on a keyword search was the end all be all of SEO. In 2021 (and onward), getting into the featured snippet (also known as “position zero” is the metric for success. 

Here’s an example of a featured snippet,

And here are some tips for you to use to land this spot,

• Answer the search question in less than 75 words

• Place answers at the very start of the article

• Ask the search question in the body text and one subheading

• Cite authoritative sources to substantiate your claims

Inclusive And Equitable Marketing

For quite some time, marginalized social groups have called for more representation and inclusion in pretty much every facet of society. This should not be too much of a tall order (after all, we’re all humans at the end of the day right?). The fact is that a growing segment is not just silently supporting the cause for social justice and equity anymore – they are vocal in their support and silence is being equated to complicity. 

With this in mind, it would be a good idea to implement a more inclusive approach to your content and advertisements that appeal to ethnic/racial minorities, women, and the LGBTQ+ community.

Is your political affiliation getting in the way? Check out these statistic,

42% of ethnic minority shoppers say they’d switch to a retailer that’s committed to diversity and inclusion.

Chatbot Takeover

In this case, we love to say we told you so. We’ve talked about chatbots as early as 2020, which definitely feels like more than a decade ago. For most consumers, the personal touch is always preferred and in the past, chatbots were just too clunky and frustrating for them to rely on as an alternative. The technology behind chatbots has only been improving and now they have reached the level of conversational prowess to be as helpful as human customer support.

In fact, a report by Facebook found that 56% of shoppers would rather send instant messages than call a support line. The chatbot revolution is here, and it is becoming the best way to instantly respond to prospects and customers!

Video Content

Nobody appreciates the irony of us preaching the importance of video content in a blog format. Irony aside, in 2021 video is what blogs were in the early 2000s and 2010s. With platforms like Youtube, Tiktok, and Instagram embracing this kind of content in one form or another you have a huge opportunity to capitalize! Start looking into short-form, long-form, humorous, educational, interview, or podcast style content for your brand – there is an audience for all of these and you just need to determine which type is best suited for your goals.

More specifically, microcontent is the current trend that is capturing online users’ attention – think Tiktok and Instagram Reels…

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