5 Tips To The Perfect Instagram Post

Whether you own your own business or simply looking to grow your audience on a personal level, (as in be more popular!) knowing how to get the most out of every social media post requires skill! Oh and by the way, if you do own your own business and not outsourcing your social media marketing, you are slowly but surely falling behind your competitors. Just saying!

Here are 5 simple tips to the perfect Instagram post:

#1 – POST AT THE RIGHT TIME: An Instagram post typically has 4 hours before it gets buried into an avalanche of posts. Most Instagram users are the most active early in the morning and in the evenings on their way home from school or work. As an example, one of the best universal times to post on Instagram is Wednesdays from 5 to 6PM.

#2 – USE POPULAR HASHTAGS: Depending on the industry you are in and the picture you are posting, using popular hashtags will increase your visibility tremendously. If you do not know which hashtags go with your post, Google it! Yup! That simple! And make sure you place your hashtags on the bottom of your caption, separating them from the main text.

#3 – ASK QUESTIONS: One of the best ways to create engagement is…well… by engaging your audience! Ask them a question in your caption. That will not only increase the chances of “likes” but also drive more comments. The more engaging your posts are the more chances of increasing your followers.

#4 – QUALITY: Quality could go without saying but we’ll still say it! If your photos don’t look good, regardless of what you do, you will not get results. Imagine you’re a restaurant and all your food pictures look terrible. How many people do you think will want to come eat at your spot? …crickets…. So make sure you get a good shot and use the multitude of photo apps available to improve the look of your photo.

#5 – USE VIDEO: Videos are becoming more and more popular on Instagram. Businesses are using video to spotlight their product, tell a story, entertain and provide value. Videos allow you to communicate using both sight and sound while connecting emotionally with your audience. Look for our top 5 reasons to use video, coming soon! So there you go! You are now officially a Social Media Pro! Well…not really, but you will soon be if you keep reading our tips!

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