How to win at the marketing game in 2019!

That’s right, we are almost halfway through the year already! Time just seems to pass by faster and faster with every year that passes right? This can be really scary for some, especially when your goals seem to still be out of reach.
Well, we have good news and we have bad news…

The bad news is, you have only half of the year left to reach your business goals. The good news is, you have half of the year left to reach your business goals!

Let us share with you 5 Marketing Strategies that will get you closer to hitting those targets!

1. Perform A Digital Audit For Your Business

The old saying goes, “ignorance is bliss”. In other words, what you don’t know won’t hurt you.

Well, in marketing what you don’t know can and will hurt you!

The best place to start is by “taking stock” of all things digital for your business. Here are some questions to ask:
1. How are the ads that you are running performing?
2. How is the engagement on your social posts?
3. Where does your site rank on a given Google search result?
4. What is your reputation like online? Scale of 1-10 where 1 is absolutely hated and 10 is superhero sta us.
5. How is your website performing? Is it mobile optimized and responsive? *Please say yes*
6. Is your business listed on other websites? These include directories, social media, or back-linksIf you have no idea how to answer some or any of these questions, that’s okay!

Click right here to get your Digital Snapshot from us, on the house!

2. Get Specific

If we asked you who you are trying to sell to, what would your response be?

If it is any one of these,
• Anybody in need of *your product/service*
• People who buy *your product/service*
• Whoever likes *your product/service*
Then it is time to reevaluate your target audience. Those responses are just not specific enough.

In marketing, if you are talking to everybody you are really talking to nobody!

Here are a few better responses to the same question:
• Males ranging from age __ to __ with a median income of $___
• Moms in need of ___ with this *specific problem*
• Businesses that are earning $___ and want to earn $___ by using *your product/service*

Those may not be applicable to your business or industry but that is not the point! The point is to really target your audience and try to identify exactly who would benefit from your product or service!

3. Hold Weekly Sales/Marketing Meetings

We are going to let you in on a little secret – Marketers can’t sell, and Salespeople can’t… Market!

Well, some can. This is an exception and if you have one of those geniuses on your team, Keep Them!

For the most part though, you have specialists in one or the other. Our point is this, your Sales Team and Marketing Team should be very closely associated!

One generates leads, the other closes them – why would they NOT be in close contact? You know that sales & marketing are your company’s oxygen right?

Set targets, discuss strategy, address issues, create an environment that will allow for the flow of ideas.

4. Up-sell

Do you know who the easiest people to sell to are? It isn’t the qualified buyer, the interested inquiry, or the “hot lead”.

It is… *drum roll*

Your existing customer!

If you are treating them right, and handling all of their needs, they will be more than happy to purchase again. Seriously, try this out with your sales team!

Have them reach out to all current clients and offer a relevant, beneficial product/service that will compliment what they are currently using.

After that, your only crisis should be fulfillment and counting all the money.

5. Stay Ahead 

One of the smartest things any business owner can do is to just stay ahead!
That means staying ahead of: The competition. Your customer’s needs industry trends Marketing trends your workforce’s level of fulfillment To have a well-oiled machine running for your business, you can’t neglect any of these things.

We know, it can be overwhelming.

Don’t let lack of time or expertise be the reason your business does not grow to the heights it should!
Until Next Time,
Stay COOL!
1. Is your website fully optimized?
2. How does your social media measure against the competition?
3. Is your business accurately listed on all search engines?
4. How is your business performing online overall?
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Always happy to help.
We are just kind of COOL like that!
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