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Now more than ever, your brand’s digital presence is a critical part of your business development strategy! It is definitely time to start thinking about how you are positioned to win online, and what pockets of opportunity exist for you to improve your positioning.

In this article, we will go through the six metrics that will help you optimize your online presence!


Getting this metric right is such an easy win and yet too many businesses neglect it.

Over 75% of consumers go online before making a purchasing decision. That means that if you are skipping out on this metric, you are certainly losing out on new business opportunities and you guessed it – more revenue! 

All that needs to be done is to check that all of your listings (website, address, social handles, etc.) are up to date, here are some sites to consider updating your information on:

  • Web directories – 
  • Social Media – do we even have to list them?
  • Google My Business

Keep in mind that both Waze and Google Maps are big players in the navigation space, if they can’t find you, neither can your consumer. Particularly if you are in the B2C (business to consumer) space with a brick and mortar location, you absolutely have to make sure that this information is up to date. This will literally be the difference between your customer finding you, and them finding your competitor.

Secure those easy wins!


Another relatively easy metric to bring up is your online reputation. 

It isn’t as easy as just getting a positive review from your family/friends dated to when you first started the business.

Factors such as recency, positive/negative ratio, and overall rating all contribute to how your user perceives your business online.

Here’s what you need to focus on when it comes to your online reputation:

  • Get between five and ten reviews during every 3-month period
  • Respond to your reviews, the good and the bad!
  • Add such value that you keep your average rating above 3 stars 

Social Media

There are over 50 social media platforms in existence today. Does your business need to have an account for all of them? Of course not!

Trying to be omnipresent is great and all, but unless you have either

  • The resources to create, schedule, and monitor all of those posts
  • An audience that is so diverse that this would be justified

It just doesn’t make sense to go through all the trouble.

Instead, be selective about which platforms you choose to invest your resources into. 


Websites get a bad wrap.

What has happened over the past few decades is that marketing agencies and web designers have flooded the marketplace preaching about the importance of websites and how much they can increase sales. Then businesses spend thousands of dollars on a website only to find out one simple truth.

A website means nothing without high-quality traffic!

Here’s the thing, you do not need to spend thousands of dollars. Your website needs to serve the following three purposes:

  • Capture your brand’s representation and “feel” 
  • Qualify and disqualify visitors 
  • Present your products and services effectively 

That’s it!  

That does not necessarily need to be thousands of dollars out of your pocket. Now, if you need advanced capabilities and certain other features the investment amount naturally will increase. A simple and effective website is an easy and low cost way to improve your online presence.

One more thing, if your website is not mobile optimized… you need to fix that like, yesterday.
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Digital Ads

This is a very special metric because it offers the path of least resistance, and it can be the biggest drain on your business account if not executed directly. 

There are many components to a successful digital advertising campaign:

  • Ad spend – this needs to be a sustainable amount that your business can invest over at least a 3 month period
  • Digital assets – these can include landing pages, swipe files, ebooks, content, and webinars
  • Highly targeted audience – it doesn’t matter how many people see it… it matters who sees it
  • KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) – don’t be fooled by vanity metrics such as likes or followers (unless that’s the desired outcome of your campaign)

Key performance indicators will keep your digital advertisement campaign in-line with the outcome you are looking for.

Search Engine Optimization

We are living in a world that seems to move faster and faster every year that passes. When somebody goes looking for something they need, there is a small window of opportunity here. 

SEO or search engine optimization refers to the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine.

The power of this is very significant, 

Think about what the frame of mind somebody is searching for your product or service is in for a moment,

They are searching for a solution to a problem that has actually bothered them enough for them to resolve it 

Get this metric right, and your business will be capturing the attention (and traffic) of high-quality potential customers!

While we let that sink in, we’ll go ahead and drop the mic right here…


This all may seem like a lot, and it can be very easy to become overwhelmed. We are here to help, because we’re just cool like that! Above is a picture of a Digital Snapshot – it grades your business on all six of these metrics and highlights pockets of opportunities for you to improve them. 

Text 305-557-4443 to claim yours, at no obligation to you. 

Until next time, 

Stay COOL!

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