Marketing After COVID-19

The landscape of business is always shifting, everybody knows that. Right now, it feels like a never-ending earthquake. If there was ever a question of the relevance of digital marketing, it has been soundly answered by the events over the past couple of months. With 95% of the American population in some sort of quarantine, the “traditional” methods of marketing have clearly been replaced by digital. Let’s explore what the later portion of 2020 and beyond will look like for marketing.

Habits, Habits, Habits

If we take a look at what the average consumer’s day consists of during quarantine, it would probably look something like this (the order of this list may vary):

  • Sign onto team Zoom/phone meeting for remote working
  • Work on assignment(s) for around 1-2 hours
  • Scroll social media
  • Check news (hopefully not too often)
  • Back to work
  • Scroll social media
  • Browse online stores for home supplies/food
  • Scroll social media

This is not to knock anybody’s productivity. The point is the average user screen time has increased significantly. What does this mean for your business? Well, most traditional form of marketing has been made obsolete, at least for the time being. Flyers, door-to-door, and even billboards are not nearly as effective during times of mass quarantine. You have to adapt your marketing efforts to the new habits that people are forming, the main one being using technology even more than ever before.

Events/Conferences Go Digital

During a time where gatherings are limited to 10 or fewer with a minimum required distance of six feet, what happens to all of the companies that rely on attending multiple trade shows per year? The good news is the technological infrastructure has been built out pretty well during the “good times”. In theory then, the transition should not be too difficult. We actually talked about some of these in a blog post from 2019.

Here are a few alternatives you can turn to during these times and hey, maybe consider keeping these around even when this passes over:

  • Webinars
  • Virtual Trade Shows
  • 3D Virtual Tours
  • Podcasts

These are all really great ways to stay top of mind with your end-user, but you still have to get the WORD OUT!

Staying Social

The number of active users on social media were already in the billions BEFORE the pandemic hit. With so many now under stay at home orders, you can be sure that those numbers have increased. With the likes of TikTok keeping the youngsters busy learning new dances, Instagram expanding its user base, Youtube struggling to keep up with the huge surge of traffic the case can be made that if social media was not the next big thing, it definitely is now.

If you are in the B2C space, these platforms are landscapes of endless potential for you to acquire more customers. Doubling down on your social media efforts and strategy is not just a good idea, it is pretty much the ONLY idea you can act on right now. Don’t worry B2B, we didn’t forget you. LinkedIn has reigned supreme as the go-to digital networking site for professionals seeking to connect with other professionals. Again, with everything going on increasing your output on this platform is your best bet at staying top of mind.

Business As Usual

There are a lot of questions about how this crisis will shape the way we interact moving forward. There’s no question that things will change, but that’s life. Assuming that going “back to normal” will be as simple as a flip of a switch is just not realistic. The truth is, we will likely see a gradual roll-out of normalcy.

If you haven’t heard, it takes about 60 days to form a new habit. To assume that once the quarantines end that it will be “business as usual” for consumers is at best a bad assumption and at worst a path to your business getting left behind. We are not doomsdayers. In fact, we are very much looking forward to the day that the world has overcome this great obstacle. Additionally, when the likes of Mark Cuban are talking about a fundamental change to the way we operate in a post COVID-19 world, “business as usual” just doesn’t seem likely.

Question is, can your business outlast this transition? Or can you take advantage of this situation and capitalize on the increased traffic and interest?

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