Top 10 Moments in Marketing During the 2010’s!

Now That We’ve Settled Into 2020, Here Are The Top 10 Moments in Marketing During the 2010’s!

● 2010: Old Spice And Memes
The start of the decade opened the flood gates to meme culture. Inspired by the Old Spice campaign, thousands of memes went viral. Needless to say, Old Spice definitely was not complaining about the extra exposure!

● 2011: Harry Potter Ends
450 million books, raking in $7.3 billion! A symbol of an entire generation’s childhood, one of the most profitable and popular franchises ever, ended with the final installment. #potterforever and #pottermore were naturally trending.

● 2012: Nike Beats Adidas
During the 2012 Olympics, Nike was able to overshadow the official sponsor, Adidas. Nike’s campaign honored everyday athletes on London billboards. Resulted in more than 16,000 tweets and 77% increase in the Nike Facebook page engagement during the event. Ouch! That’s gotta hurt, Adidas.

● 2013: Netflix and House of Cards
Netflix releases its first exclusive series, all at once. This bold move changed the way we consume our media.

● 2014: ALS Challenge
The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is arguably one of the biggest viral sensations on social media. The campaign raised over $100 million dollars.

● 2015: Generation Z Gets Notice
If you are born in 1995 or after, you are the upcoming decision-makers. Marketers began to take notice in 2015. Gen Z is special because they are the first true pioneers of the digital space.

● 2016: Pokemon Returns
Talk about comebacks! Pokémon, a commercial series from the early 1990’s makes a huge comeback. The mobile app sparked a mass movement of “trainers” scouting the local parks, malls, schools, and homes for their next catch.

● 2017: Google and Facebook
Accounted for 20% of the global advertising spend across all platforms. Changed the way we do marketing.

● 2018: Mark Zuckerberg Visits Congress
This event marked a shift in how social media began to be perceived, and resulted in significant policy changes on the platform itself.

● 2019: More Privacy
Facebook and Instagram further cracked down on privacy in the hopes of regaining the novel innocence social media once held.

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