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In 2015, at the onset of digital marketing and digital money transfer solutions, Western Union needed to build a stronger presence within the Haitian Community in South Florida while creating a competitive edge. They partnered with a Haitian company, Sogexpress, to introduce solar energy products as a means to stand out from the competition.


In order to increase their presence, Western Union needed a better understanding of the market and how to make the biggest impact while staying true to their identity. They also needed to find a way to make it as easy as possible to offer their new line of products and facilitate the ordering process online.


Cool Ideas Marketing started by conducting extensive market research on the desired market. Upon sharing the results, radio and TV and social media campaign were found to be the best ways to promote their message. Cool Ideas Marketing produced a series of Jingles, radio ads, and “How To” videos as well as an aggressive social media strategy to help communicate that message and gain market share on the Haitian demographic.


Upon completion of the campaign, Western Union made some pricing and messaging adjustments to grow their market share within the Haitian community in South Florida.


Before Campaign

FB: 1,200 followers

Instagram: 0

After Campaign

FB: 24,150 followers

Instagram: 5,192

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